Lesche T Handle Shovel with Serrated Blade

t-handle-shovelA must have in your arsenal of digging and metal detecting tools, the Lesche T Handle Serrated Blade Shovel is a truly workhorse tool to help you in metal detecting.

Tough Quality.

It has an airplane quality tubing to make sure that your shovel can withstand the test of times and harshest of soil and weather conditions.

Added to its tough quality is the serrated digging blade that makes digging soil faster than usual instead of a smooth edge blade.

Keep in mind that when you compare a serrated blade knife and a plain edge knife, the serrated one cuts items faster.This is the same concept that the serrated blade shovel has.

The overall size or length of the metal detecting shovel is 31 inches.

The shovel is also heat treated at industrial standards so it can really be of use for a long time and is less prone to bending and deforming. Warranty of this shovel is up to 5 years (manufacturer’s warranty).

Cutting and Digging Quality.

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Minelab Excalibur 2 Metal Detector


My Minelab Excalibur 2 with hip mount.

If you want to take a metal detecting adventure underwater, on wet sand, or shallow water, the Minelab Excalibur 2 Metal Detector can help you in your treasure hunting because of its completely waterproof system and really cool features that takes digging for gold, silver, relics, and coins to a deeper level (pun intended).

This waterproof metal detector is a top end machine, meaning it’s not cheap and it works very well for it’s intended purpose, which is metal detecting beaches and underwater.

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Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector Review!

bounty-hunter-tracker-IV-metal-detectorThe TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector is made by Bounty Hunter, one of the oldest brands in the metal detecting industry. It is a popular detector for finding metals hidden in all kinds of soil. Having a metal detector that can pinpoint metal and tell it apart from the mineral in the soil is a feature that youíll want to have.

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Bounty Hunter HEAD-W Metal Detector Headphones!

bounty-hunter-headphonesGetting a set of headphones for your metal detecting hobby is necessary for many reasons.

First, when you choose to do your search in a public place such as the beach or in a park, youíre going to be sharing that area with other people.

The loud audio signals from the detector can be annoying to the people around you and not only that, it can also disturb the peace. You want to be mindful of the people in the area whenever you use your metal detector.

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Bounty Hunter Quick Silver Metal Detector with Pin Pointer!

bounty-hunter-quick-silver-with-pin-pointerOut of all the hobbies you can choose from, metal detecting is one of the least expensive to get started with. Not only is it inexpensive to get started and to maintain this hobby, but itís also a hobby that pays you to do it by returning treasure to you when you go out on searches.

You can find coins – and many of them are rare and worth a great deal of money. But you can also find precious metals like gold and valuable jewelry like diamond rings. The Bounty Hunter QSIGWP comes automatically preset out of the box, which gives you efficient ground balance your first time out.

The detector has numerous features and among those features is the squelch tech feature. This feature is the one no detecting enthusiast should be without. This is what gets rid of other signals that wonít let you have a good find.

That means that if there are any wireless signals in the area where youíre searching, this detector wonít pick them up, so it wonít mess with your search. You end up getting a much clearer signal and fewer false ones.

There are plenty of other helpful features, too. The display monitor on the detector will identify the treasure that youíve located. With this model, youíll be able to use the probable target feature to see the metal range that youíre searching for.

Plus, the screen will also identify a low battery warning whenever you need to add fresh 9 volt batteries. The Bounty Hunter QSIGWP also has the Discrimination feature with the easy one touch button.

For detecting the treasures, users get a clear 3 tone alert through the audio system. This audio will allow users to know the kind of metal thatís hidden below the ground. That means that users will never again be fooled by a piece of worthless aluminum versus a valuable coin.

The tone alert is the feature that can eliminate the false readings. This model also includes a handy pin pointer, which is useful for eliminating any extra digging. The QSIGWP model has a depth control feature that shows users the burial depth of the item. No more guessing how far down a treasure is when you use this element!

The detector has an easy one touch on and off power switch. The modes for the detector are also easy push button and offer shallow, deep or medium mode for depth. The detector is quick to assemble, lightweight and one of the most accurate detectors on the market.

Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector

bounty-hunter-gold-diggerSearching for hidden treasure doesnít have to involve a treasure map marked with a big red X in order for you to be able to find valuable coins, jewelry and other items. All you need is a powerful metal detector that will help you uncover these lost items. One detector named the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector can find items fast.

You can look through the sandy soil of a public beach when you want to find objects, because the detector can read objects right through the sand. But, the detector is also great for finding items that are hidden beneath the soil in grassy areas such as yards or public areas like parks.

Youíll find a ton of coins in all sorts of denominations as well as some items that may bring in a nice income should you choose to sell your findings. The features with the Gold Digger model cut down on all the interference in the soil so you get right to the treasure.
The dial that controls trash elimination can be changed manually and the volume adjusted by turning the dial so that you can determine how audible you want the alert beep to be. This detector is perfect – whethe youíre looking for one to use for general prospecting or youíre searching for gold.

bounty-hunter-meter-gold-diggerThe All Metal mode is the feature that will help users find metals like gold that can end up being quite valuable. It can also find other metals such as copper or silver. Since the audible beep on the detector will let you know when itís located something, you might want to use the earphones, which come along with the detector as an accessory.

By using the earphone, you can keep your finds private. The detector will display a visual alert when users get near treasure. A handy feature with this model is the preset ground balance, which takes into consideration the natural mineral content of the soil and eliminates that from the parameters, giving users a more pure search.

The coil is waterproof, making it handy to use in wet or dry soil conditions. The depth of the detector for small items is about 6 inches and for bigger things the finding depth is at 2 feet.

The detector works on two 9-volt batteries, but those arenít supplied with the detector, so youíll want to make sure you have some on hand. This model is perfect for adults, but light enough so that kids can also use it to locate treasure and it provides plenty of entertainment.

Garrett Metal Detector Metal Sand Scoop

garret-sand-scoopWhen you take your metal detector out on a search, you always want to make sure you take some accessories along with you. These accessories are items that either protects your metal detector, such as a sturdy carrying bag, or theyíre tools that will aid in the search for treasures.

The Garrett Metal Detector Metal Sand Scoop is one of the accessories that can be a big help to you as you look for hidden treasures like precious metals. Whenever you use your metal detector and move the coil over the ground, youíll get an audio signal telling you that the find is buried in that particular spot.

But what you might not realize is that the treasures you do locate are often buried in solid clumps of dirt and rock. When you dig up those clumps of dirt, there will still be solid soil that you have to sort through.

You can do this one of two ways. You can sort through the soil by hand – in which case the search will then become painstaking. It will take up more time and it will also be harder on your back in the long run.

Or, you can use the Garrett Metal Detector Metal Sand Scoop. The scoop is made of long-lasting metal, with the purpose of sorting through any type of soil. The scoop is designed to form a mini cage with the metal enclosed on one end to trap the treasures in.

The opposite end of the scoop is curved like a trowel, but thereís a major difference. The end of the scoop thatís curved is much wider and tougher than a trowel and can dig a larger area all at once, which saves you time. The curved edge is sharp, which lets the scoop cut through even tightly packed dirt with ease.

The scoop has a handle for leverage when lifting the soil from the ground. The carrying handle, located in the middle of the scoop for balance, is padded with thick vinyl for comfort.

Having a scoop thatís smaller and has a shorter handle is easier to work with than one that has the extended handle. The scoop is made from tough metal thatís resistant to corrosion from dampness and water – so itís perfect for working on those beach digs.

The width of the squares in the sides and bottom of the scoopís basket lets dirt and sand be sifted through quickly, yet catches and holds onto any of the treasures you may find.

Bounty Hunter TP-KIT-W Pouch and Trowel Combo Kit

Bounty-Hunter-Pouch-and-Trowel-Combo-KitWhen you go searching for treasures to find, a metal detector isnít the only tool youíll want to have with you. There are many useful tools that can aid in your search for treasures and Bounty Hunter has a combo kit thatís useful and easy to carry.

This pouch is a great accessory holder to have along for metal detecting trips. Durable and lightweight, itís strong enough to handle the goodies you find during short or long excavating jobs.

There ís plenty of room in the bag – not just for your tools, but also for the treasures that youíll end up finding. As you spend more time searching for objects, youíll learn which tools come in handy most often and one of those tools is a sturdy trowel.

This combo kit comes with a nine-inch trowel thatís perfect for digging around in any type of soil – whether itís dry or damp dirt. The trowel is made with stainless steel and allows you to get your digging done quickly and efficiently, no matter what size the object is.

A great highlight of this trowel is the ability to keep track of how deep youíre digging by using the engraved measurements on the surface of the trowel. The plastic handle guarantees youíll have optimum comfort for your hand while you work with it.

A side pocket on the exterior of the pouch is provided so that you can store your trowel in there when itís not being used. The pocket guarantees your trowel wonít be scratched or scuffed. The pouch is great to have with you during detecting or to keep your tools and treasures safe whenever youíre traveling from site to site. When youíre finished using the trowel, you can simply wipe it clean and slip it back into the holder on the pouch.

The Bounty Hunter TP-KIT-W Pouch and Trowel Combo Kit is made of strong nylon, making sure it protects your trowel and other small tools you need to put in there. The pouch includes two outer pockets. One is for the trowel and the other outer pocket is big enough to hold a standard sized bottle of water.

The pouch also has two pockets inside that you can use for things such as small treasures. The pouch is made to be worn around your waist with an adjustable two-inch wide belt. A strong belt buckle is included to make sure that the pouch will not move or scoot around as you work.

No matter where youíre hunting, the Bounty Hunter TP-KIT-W Pouch and Trowel Combo Kit is convenient to have with you when youíre using your metal detector. Small enough to carry with you, yet large enough to hold your trowel and valuable finds, this pouch is a great buy for any treasure hunter.