Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector

Perfect for those starting out treasure hunting as a hobby, the Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector is an above average detector that was built with many helpful features, such as the electronic pinpoint that comes with the coin depth gauge that allows you to make object searching and retrieval faster and more accurate.

For the money you can’t go wrong. You really get your money’s worth and one of the great companies in the industry supporting their product.

Physical Features Of The Ace 250 Metal Detector.

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DetectorPro Gray Ghost Headphones

Headphones are a very essential thing when it comes to metal detection. Having very sensitive yet great filtering headphones in treasure hunting is just like in music production – you have to get down to the teeny bits of frequency to hear the sounds you want with less interference from the background.

The reason why the DetectorPro Gray Ghost Headphones is so named because it is able to detect the “ghost” signals underground that you might have missed with regular headphones, making it a totally compatible gear for metal detection and treasure hunting.

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Best Backpacks for Metal Detecting

A detectorist’s life is not easy – it’s just like working as a miner, except you’re on your own out in the open beaches or fields. This is why you should have a very sturdy yet comfortable backpack to carry all your stuff for traveling far distances.

The backpack should be able to carry not just your metal detection gear but also accessories, food, water and other supplies. Here are some of the best backpacks for metal detecting. Continue reading