Garrett Ace 350!

The Garrett Ace 350 metal detector is a high performance treasure hunting companion that will surely help you in your search for rare metals. It is an upgrade from a previous model (the 250) and has better depth detection and coil sweeping.

The increase of the frequency from 6.5 kHz (from the 250) to 8.25 kHz with this new 350 model allows you to also detect smaller objects like nickels and tabs.

The iron discrimination features have also been improved and there is improvement with withstanding salt water. Its lightweight design and feel allows any treasure hunter to easily carry it anywhere they wish at the greatest comfort.

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Top 3 Hand Diggers For Metal Detecting!

A hand digger is a helpful tool when it comes to treasure hunting and gold digging, especially in places where you only need to dig through the top soil and not too deep. You don’t necessarily need a big shovel or a pick to dig through if your metal detector only says that the item is around 2-4 inches below the ground, so a hand digger may be necessary. Here are the top 3 hand diggers that will be worth your time and money.

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How To Do Magnet Fishing!

Magnet fishing is just another creative and innovative way of looking for treasure – with the use of fishing techniques. The goal of magnet fishing is to “fish” for underwater ferrous objects that will get attached to a powerful magnet at the end of your fishing rod. Magnets that are used for magnet fishing aren’t just some random, ordinary magnets – they are special magnets that will work well underwater and can take a lot of weight. Here are the steps on how to do magnet fishing.

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