Garrett Retriever II!

If you are very much into prospecting then you will definitely like the Garrett Retriever II. It is a very handy metal detecting recovery tool that makes a great companion with your metal detector and other treasure hunting tools in your bag.

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Fisher F4 Metal Detector

Can you separate trash from treasure with the Fisher F4 Metal Detector? Well, the machine is great for beachcombers and relic hunters alike – or just about anyone who wants to dig underground for some sweet loot.

F4 Features.

The design is more of a flat control with an LCD screen that is very user-friendly. Sensitivity and Discrimination controls are on the left and right. Its controls on the bottom include the pinpoint, notch and others that let you set the adjustments in a breeze.

Its lightweight feel is also a big plus. Not to mention, the coil swing can be done quickly without worrying about the accuracy of metal detection so you can save more time that should be spent on digging. Continue reading