Tips For New Detectorists!

New detectorists; here’s how to avoid junk in the trunk. You’ve done the research, ordered your metal detector, and now you’re ready to begin your quest to find treasure beyond your wildest dreams.

But before you head out, hit the pause button for a second, newbie. Don’t go out into the field with unrealistic expectations. Instead, learn from my first hunt mishaps.

I was over-the-top excited because I had wanted a metal detector for years before I finally bit the bullet and purchased one. So excited to be finally realizing my dream. Continue reading

Bounty Hunter Timeranger!

True to its name, the Bounty Hunter Timeranger is fit for those who are on a journey to find treasure in a short amount of time, and for under $200.

If you are at a loss for certain jewelry or would just like to go on a treasure hunt then this metal detector is a good buy to consider regardless of age.

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