Using a Pinpointer to Find Treasure!

If you’re new to metal detecting and you’ve dug a few targets, one of the first things you probably noticed was how hard it can be to spot metal in a freshly-dug hole. Unless it has the gleam of gold or silver, it can be like playing the world’s most frustrating game of hide and seek.

I spent a mind-boggling number of hunts carefully sifting through the dirt in my holes for minutes on end before I’d eventually find the little piece of metal that looked just like every other clump of dirt I had encountered. It dulled my passion for detecting for a few months because I felt like I was bad at it. I wasn’t – I just wasn’t properly equipped. Continue reading

Going Coastal with Your Metal Detector

All valuable or historically significant metal detecting finds are great, but there’s something special about the prospect of finding coins from a shipwreck or locating old pirate booty. That’s the Holy Grail of metal detecting for many detectorists.

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