Hello there fellow metal detectorist! I am so glad you came to visit my site. I love metal detecting because I love adventure and every time I go metal detecting it’s a new adventure.

You never know what you are going to see, or find. I enjoy getting outside just like you and metal detecting is a very relaxing and exciting way to get out there.

What I like most about metal detecting is the research. It’s fun to go to a park without doing any research to see what you can find, but I really enjoy researching sites that most people may not know exist because the site may be long forgotten or overlooked.

One example of that is where I fount a old home site way up on a mountain in Norther CA. It was the home of a miner. Most people don’t know that a home used to be there and they hike and even camp out in that very spot.

I have more examples of that. You should do a little research yourself because it’s always fun digging through old books and going on Google Earth to see if you can find it and any other spots in or around where you are looking.

You know what I mean right? It’a all one big adventure and it’s much more than digging up treasure and relics. It’s about the hunt.

I recommend getting the book titled, The Urban Treasure Hunter. It is full of excellent research information and it will inspire you to get out there.

Plus, it’s a good resource that you’ll use over and over because there are so many tips and resources in this book that you forget them and you’ll want to go back to remind yourself of the tool or technique you may need for your local area.

I look forward to hearing about your next hunt so contact me and let me know how it goes!