All the Great Metal Detecting Caches Haven’t Been Found!

It seems like our world gets smaller every day. Centuries ago, our world was filled with mysteries and exotic places most people had never seen and had only read about in books.

With each passing decade, our world has become more familiar to us. We can see images from anywhere in the world simply by logging onto our computers.

The air of mystery surrounding this planet has begun to vanish. We know so much more about the earth than we ever did before.

It can sometimes seem like all the great discoveries have already been made.

But in metal detecting, we’ve barely scratched the surface regarding the amazing treasures and historical artifacts that have been buried and hidden by the earth.

New finds are being made every day by both amateurs and professionals. Here are five unbelievable or interesting treasures that have been found in the field of metal detecting in recent years.

Viking Treasure Found in England

With its long, rich history, England is a metal detectorist’s dream. While in the United States we can find some truly astounding treasure, old to us is two or three hundred years. In England, documented history goes much further back than that as father and son detectorists David and Andrew Whelan found out when they discovered a huge cache of silver and gold Viking treasure in 2007.

More Viking Treasure Uncovered in Scotland

Miedeval cross found by Derek McLennan. Photo courtesy of Beyond the Beep:

A retired businessman, Derek McLennan, found a load of treasure in 2014 that dates back more than 1,000 years. He found more than 100 items, including gold and silver, buried on land belonging to a church.

Shipwreck Riches Found in Florida

Treasure hunters in Florida uncovered Spanish gold coins worth more than $4.5 million in 2015. The weird part about this find is that the cache was found 300 years later, on the very same day the ship carrying that fortune sank.

The 350 coins were found in low water in the Vero Beach area. Metal detectorists will recognize the name of Vero Beach – it’s a well-known treasure hunting paradise.

Man Finds Foreign Coins in Texas

In January, a man who regularly hunts beaches with his metal detector, made an exciting, unusual discovery. Robert Hodsdon found more than 100 foreign coins when he was searching the sand.

The coins weren’t very valuable, and in a surprising twist, they were believed to have been recently stolen from another man who lived in the area. Hodsdon opted to show the world with his actions how metal detectorists do their best to help people. He said he planned to return the coins to the man they were stolen from.

While you might not always uncover valuable items with your detector, you can find yourself thrust in the middle of an intriguing adventure.

Finding Treasure in Sherwood Forest

Sherwood forest.

In 2016, an amateur detectorist, Mark Thompson, made a startling find in famed Sherwood Forest from the beloved tales of Robin Hood. The gold and jeweled ring he found is believed to be from the 14 century and could be worth almost $90,000.

Thompson had only been detecting for one and a half years before he found the ring, and was only a few minutes into his hunt when his detector gave him the signal.

Find Your Treasure Next

If you’ve been on the fence about buying a detector because you don’t think you will find anything good, remember these five stories. These are just a handful of the many finds that happen every year involving both professional and amateur detectorists.

You don’t have to be the best detectorist in the world or have cutting-edge machinery, you just need to have passion for your hobby and the desire to be out there looking. At the very least, you’ll get some exercise. What do you have to lose?