Bounty Hunter Custom Carry Bag Review

bounty-hunter-custom-bagWhen youíre engaged in the hobby of metal detecting, you might choose to cover many different areas in order to find the most treasure in the shortest amount of time. When youíre moving from site to site, you want to make sure that you have all of the gear you need with you in one handy container.

The last thing you want is to have your detector get damaged when youíre traveling around scouting treasure sites. In order for you to keep your valuable metal detector safe during travel, Bounty Hunter has made this metal detector custom carry bag that guarantees your metal detector will remain protected no matter how wet or dirty the area is.

The Bounty Hunter CBAG-W Custom Carry Bag can hold all models of Bounty Hunter metal detectors with the S-rod shape, making it easy for you to carry your metal detector with you no matter where youíre planning on searching.

This bag is made of durable nylon in double stitching, making it strong enough to hold your metal detector, but still light enough to carry with you no matter where you go. This custom carry bag will keep your metal detectors safe from things like debris and water damage.

The zipper is rust resistant, making sure your metal detectors will be kept safe when the bag is firmly sealed and zipped shut. The Bounty Hunter CBAG-W Custom Carry Bag also comes equipped with outer pockets and zippers to keep things in – such as valuable finds and extra batteries.

With two sizeable handles, this custom carry bag is sturdy and easy to carry, since it doesnít tip on one end or the other as you carry it with you. It also includes an extra adjustable strap so you can carry the bag comfortably over your shoulder, allowing you to walk with your hands free.

This bag is twenty-eight inches by ten inches with expandable girth, making it easy for you to fit your metal detector down inside the bag without stretching it or tearing the carry bag.

Itís tough enough for everyday use without wearing out. It also comes with straps inside the bag to help keep your metal detector secure so that it doesnít move or rattle around in transit.

For extra safety for your equipment, the bag is also padded. Not only does this bag do the job it needs to do, but youíll look good carrying it, too. With the Bounty Hunter logo, the bag is modern and stylish. If youíre looking for a way to make sure that you can keep your metal detector safe from any rough environments, this bag will do the job nicely.