How To Find The Perfect Metal Detector for You!

retiree metal detectingIf you are new to metal detecting, you’ll quickly find that choosing your detector can be overwhelming. There are so many choices and such a wide assortment of price tags. The list of features seems never ending and you aren’t sure at this point what some of that terminology means anyway.

You are starting to wonder if metal detecting is right for you after all – you simply wanted a fun hobby, you didn’t want anything complicated.

But before you give up your dream of strolling the beach with a metal detector in your hand as you search for long-lost treasure, you can ask yourself a few simple questions to narrow your hunt for the perfect metal detector.

How Much Are You Willing to Spend On A Metal Detector?

This is the question you should start with. After all, if you were house shopping, you wouldn’t go tour a million-dollar home if your budget was a hundred thousand dollars. So you shouldn’t look at metal detectors that are out of your price range either. Continue reading

Metal Detecting for Civil War Artifacts!

The Civil War continues to be a topic of interest more than 150 years after it began. For many detectorists, the idea of finding something from this long-ago era is thrilling.

But before you head outside hoping you’ll stumble onto a Civil War site, there are a few ways you can stack the deck in your favor.

Do Your Research

To find out where the best potential Civil War sites are, you need to put in some legwork. You need to figure out where the battles were and then determine if you’re allowed to hunt there. Continue reading

How To Spend Winter As A Detectorist!

The worst part about being a detectorist for many of us is when winter hits. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere like Florida where you can detect year-round, the rest of us are jealous.

When the thermometer drops and the snow starts covering the ground, most of us are scrambling for ways to pass the time until the weather gets nice enough for us to detect again. If you find yourself in this situation, here are some ways to survive the winter without going crazy.

Watch Some Great Detecting on TV

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Cleaning Your Metal Detecting Finds!

You’ve found something that could potentially be interesting and you’d love to get a better look at your find, but it is so dirty you can’t even see if there are any distinguishing marks on it or not. Welcome to the exciting world of metal detecting. Cleaning items can be one of the most exasperating parts of the whole hobby.

Removing the dirt from your metal detecting finds can be incredibly tedious work. If you do it incorrectly, you can seriously devalue your item without even realizing it. But it can drive you crazy to see something so interesting and potentially valuable covered in grime, especially if you are a person who feels compelled to clean everything whether it needs it or not. Here is a quick guide as to the rules of cleaning your finds.

Leave Your Coins Alone

Coins, in particular, should be handled with care. If you scrub them too vigorously, you’ll cause tiny scratches that will reduce their value, sometimes dramatically. If a coin has been cleaned, many serious coin collectors will pay far less for it or they may potentially not want to buy it at all. Continue reading

How to Get Your Child Interested in Metal Detecting!

Your love of treasure hunting is so fierce you think anyone who shares your DNA should enjoy it too. It doesn’t work like that. Your child might want to have nothing to do with metal detecting right now. It might be something he’ll become interested in later in life, or maybe he’ll never see the appeal.

There are ways to introduce the hobby to him that might give you a better chance of getting him interested.

Focus on What He/She Likes

Is he into adventure movies or stories of pirate treasure? If so, play up that aspect of metal detecting. Stress that metal detecting never yields the same results on any given day.

Go detecting on the beach where you can talk about the possibility of finding pirate’s treasure or coins from shipwrecks. Almost every kid can appreciate the adventure that possibility offers.

Take Them on Good Hunts

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The Hidden Benefits of Metal Detecting!

Detectorists easily get caught up in the fun part of metal detecting – the prospect of making unbelievable monetary and historic finds.

While any of us would certainly welcome scoring a big hit, many of us walk away at the end of our hunt with a few common coins and other stuff that won’t change our tax brackets.


Even though we may not have gotten much richer for the time we spent, we’ve gained other benefits that weren’t as obvious.

The Chance to Act Like a Kid Again!

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Should You Sell Your Metal Detecting Finds?

For year, metal detectorists have been fighting the image many have of us as mercenaries out to dig up any profit we can, even if it means ransacking historical sites and destroying potentially relevant items in the process.

But I’ve met a lot of detectorists over the years and I’ve only met very few who were like that.That type of detectorist is easy to spot and I quickly walk away from them when I do run into them. I, and many other detectorists, don’t understand this type at all. The ones who place all the emphasis on earning money and less on the joy of discovery.

One of my favorite parts about metal detecting is knowing that I just helped uncover some little bit of history that had been lost.

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What Equipment You’ll Need for River Treasure Hunting!

While most detectorists are well aware of the riches they can find while hunting along the coastlines, a lesser known place to look for treasure is along the shores of rivers and even in the rivers.

Hunting for treasure in rivers isn’t for the faint of heart though. You’ll encounter a lot of obstacles in your hunt and you’ll uncover a lot of junk. Let’s look at the equipment you’ll need to get started.

Metal Detector

A metal detector isn’t mandatory equipment for river hunting, you can do it without one. I personally always prefer to have a detector with me when I’m doing river hunts. It can help you narrow in on areas that have a lot of signals. Continue reading

Finding a Place to Metal Detect!

You are ready to unearth the greatest treasure of your life. You have your metal detector, your shovels and the whole day just for hunting. What you don’t have is a good place to do it, and without a place to dig, you won’t be able to uncover anything.

Finding a great place to dig is a problem every detectorist has to face. The lucky ones have a mentor who doesn’t mind showing them the ropes. The rest of us have to figure it out for ourselves. Here are a few ways to find new places to hunt, as well as the types of locations you’ll want to seek out.

Public Parks

Parks are a great place to hunt for metal because they attract a lot of people, and the more people who have walked that ground, the better your chances for finding something. Continue reading