Exploring the Intey Level Metal Detector!

The Intey metal detector is a good option for beginning detectorists who don’t want to shell out a lot of money to get an introduction to the world of metal detecting. For a small investment, Intey gives you a decent entry-level machine that will acquaint you with the basics of metal detecting.

What It Offers

The Intey detector offers two modes for you to use – all metal and discrimination mode. As the name implies, the all metal mode will find every type of metal that passes underneath your metal detector.

It will alert you with a beep every time, whether that metal is gold, silver, an aluminum can, or a worthless nail.

If you turn on the discrimination mode, however, it can help you weed out less desirable signals that you might not want, like iron.

The whole unit is not waterproof, which means you should never try to submerge the whole detector underwater. That means you won’t be able to dive with it. But, if you have any shallow streams you want to search, that’s okay when you use this metal detector.

The adjustable stem and the coil are both waterproof. So as long as you keep the control box away from the water, you’ll be good to go.

It also has a pinpoint function which can help you to hone in on your target more precisely. If you get an exact location, it can eliminate the need to widen or re-dig plugs after you realize you’re off in your first estimate of the location of your target. That can be a time saver.

Plus, if you can dig smaller, less noticeable plugs, you might be invited to dig at more of your friend’s homes. If you leave a yard looking as pristine as when you started digging there, people will trust you more with their yards.

You won’t be ambushed by batteries that suddenly die on you without warning with this detector either. It has a battery indicator that will let you know when your battery power is getting low. That means no more getting to a hunt site only to have your batteries die on you right away – you’ll know well in advance of that when your batteries are getting low.

The Intey detector has an audio jack where you can plug in a set of headphones. That’s a great feature if you’re hunting at a beach and want to hear your detector over the crashing of the waves.

It’s also a nice feature when you don’t want to interrupt the privacy and conversations other people might be having in a public spot, like a day at the park.

Who This Detector Won’t Work For

Experienced and even mid-level detectorists will want to stay away from this metal detector. It is solely made for beginners. It won’t have the advanced features experienced detectorists will want in a metal detector, such as automatic or manual ground balancing.

But if you buy this detector as a starter and then decide to upgrade, you can keep using it as a back-up detector.

If you’re looking at detectors for kids and teenagers, this one excels at that. Because the stem is adjustable, it can work for years to come because it will grow with them.

It also comes with a carrying bag and extra tools you’ll need to get started on your detecting journey. One of the tools is a folding shovel that will fit in the bag for convenient carrying.