Fisher Gold Bug!

The Fisher Gold Bug stands along a line of great models from the Fisher Company. If you are into gold nugget hunting and into serious mining then the Fisher Gold Bug is your best companion that also allows you to quickly find relics, coins, jewelry and many other things.

Features Of The Fisher Gold Bug.

As a multipurpose metal detector, it has many great features. For instance, it has super sensitivity, a big LCD display and user friendly controls. It makes use of a wide range target ID system. There are knobs for adjusting the gain and threshold as well as buttons for adjusting the disc level.

The Fisher Gold Bug is quite a lightweight machine, allowing you to carry it for longer distances and it also has both 1/4 and 1/8 inch inputs for headphone jack. You also get a pinpointing advantage without having to move as much and the LCD also shows signal strength next to the target ID number, which ranges from 0 to 99. Since it is only a numerical system, it might not be great for beginners who are not used to numerical target IDs.

The Fisher Gold Bug is also proud of its Ground Grab system that allows your metal detector to get a better ground balance, especially if you are about to take it to the beach. Often times, many metal detectors in the market lack ground balancing whereas the Fisher Gold Bug takes pride of its great computerized ground balancing system. You can choose from two modes: discriminative and all metal. It runs on the usual 9 V power supply.

Fisher Gold Bug

The Good and The Bad.

There are many great things to say about the Fisher Gold Bug metal detector. Since the name says so, it really is an awesome tool for finding gold nuggets – even those as small as grains. As a metal detector with a fairly large LCD screen and display numbers, you can easily read them out, making them a bit easy to use compared to smaller LCD screen metal detectors. The price is just right for this machine if you compare its features to similar metal detectors. Of course, the ground balancing is by far the best from most of the same price range metal detectors out there.

There aren’t a lot of disadvantages for the Gold Bug, except for the fact that it is only a 2 tone system – you may want to go for the Gold Bug 2, Gold Bug DP or Gold Bug Pro, which also allows for a waterproof search coil.

Differences with the other Gold Bug Versions.

If you think that the original Gold Bug isn’t making the cut, you may want to upgrade to better machines. The Gold Bug Pro has more features that emphasize on the tone discrimination system and yet still manages its ground balance that is computer controlled. It also indicates the mineralization levels in a certain field.

The Gold Bug DP is much more improved when it comes to features and it had upgrades for iron discrimination and also comes with the search coil that is waterproof. The Gold Bug 2 is almost a bit similar except that its sensitivity is so strong that you will find even the smallest gold nuggets around. If you are interested, Fisher also sells some prospecting kits on their website separately from their metal detectors.

The Fisher Gold Bug is nonetheless a great investment for any person who is into treasure hunting and coin finding, but it is more so for the person who is too hyped for the gold rush. With great features and superior durability, your hunting won’t go wrong.