Garrett Ace 350!

The Garrett Ace 350 metal detector is a high performance treasure hunting companion that will surely help you in your search for rare metals. It is an upgrade from a previous model (the 250) and has better depth detection and coil sweeping.

The increase of the frequency from 6.5 kHz (from the 250) to 8.25 kHz with this new 350 model allows you to also detect smaller objects like nickels and tabs.

The iron discrimination features have also been improved and there is improvement with withstanding salt water. Its lightweight design and feel allows any treasure hunter to easily carry it anywhere they wish at the greatest comfort.

Garrett Ace 350! Features.

The Double-D search coil that measures 8.5 by 11 inches is the biggest pride of the Garrett Ace 350. It helps you to find more metals and have a bigger depth and coverage and with the 8.25 kHz frequency, you can be assured to find more items, even the smaller ones. It has a one touch operation for all the controls that uses push button mechanism. You can also customize the metal discrimination to your liking. It has a series of 5 search modes that allows you to easily select a discrimination preset.

You can easily reach your target due to its electronic pinpointing and the target depth helps you to easily estimate how deep you need to dig for something. There is also a battery indicator that shows you how much battery life you still have.

The enhanced resolution for iron allows you to properly tell between trash and treasure. There are different modes on the control panel: jewelry, relics, coins, zero and custom. The coin depth allows for 2 to 8 inches and below. The three buttons allow for adjustment on mode, sensitivity and discrimination.

Garret Ace 350

Pros and Cons.

One of the good things about having the Garrett Ace 350 as your treasure hunting companion is that you can spend up to 40 hours on battery life, which is great when you want to take it outdoors. It also has excellent weight that allows you to carry it easily and not get too tired of treasure hunting because of its weight. The discrimination of metals give you more control and customization when it comes to treasure hunting.

You can narrow your search results to only specific types of metals to save you more time in the long run. The metal detector is good for use even for beginners at bounty hunting. Because of its higher frequency compared to the previous version, you are sure to find smaller treasures such as coins and jewelry.

Perhaps one of the only things that this machine lacks is a volume control, which might be annoying for some people who want to keep their treasure hunting spree a peaceful one, especially for the neighbors, or especially those who aren’t using helmets with individual volume controls. In some cases, the target ID might detect false signals if you take this on the shores so make sure you lower the sensitivity when doing so, since the beach is a place where most treasure hunting detectors often make mistakes with discrimination due to the rich amount of minerals buried under the sand.

Garrett Ace 350 Review Summary!

What I like in addition to the fact that it’s a very good machine is that the coil can be submersed in water. You cannot submerse the controls. If you want to fully submerse a good quality detector then you need to look at the AT Pro or the Minelab Excalibur for starters.

For those who want to take a step further and would like to find more than just big chunk of metals underground and have a search coil that has a very high sensitivity then the Garrett Ace 350 is your best bet due to its Double-D search coil. Aside from that, it definitely works as a top notch entry level metal detector that will give you the right value for your money.