Garrett Master Sound Headphones!

Gone are the days when headphones used to be a thing for music lovers and DJs only. Nowadays, headphones can be used for non-music stuff and industrial work such as metal detecting, in which high quality sound and low noise features should be present to accurately detect treasure.

This field-tested Garrett Master Sound Headphones can be compatible with almost any metal detectors and will be able to enhance even the weakest signals out there for better output.

Garrett Master Sound Headphones Features.

Being a 1/4″ jack metal detecting headphones, it values comfort and sensitivity. Unlike most headphones, you get a separate left and right control for the volume that makes uses of a highly efficient strontium magnet. The head band is adjustable and reinforced and the coil cord is single-sided. Having a long, 6-foot cord allows you to freely move with little restraint. To provide better and extra comfort, the earpiece is also closed and air cushioned.

When it comes to the technical specs, the Garrett Master Sound Headphones has 32 Ohms nominal impedance and a 20 to 18 kHz frequency response.

Benefits Of The Headphones.

Garrett Master Sound Headphones

Headphones are not just for music – they can also be for treasure hunting. If you want to be more accurate in your metal detecting then don’t use just some random headphones – use one with high quality output sound such as the Garrett Master Sound Headphones. Because of its high adjustability and long cord, you can spend hours treasure hunting without getting your ears sore and tired.

The sound quality is also great so you will be able to find better loot than with normal headphones. No matter what metal detector you have, you should also accompany it with a set of high quality headphones.

Garrett Master Sound Headphones Customer Reviews.

A lot of people will find this product very interesting. For instance, it can keep out any background noise that you think may be distracting your treasure hunting and you can easily adjust the sound because of its left and right volume controls that are separate, unlike most headphones where you only get one single volume control. The comfort and light feel of the headphones will keep you metal detecting for hours.

Most mistakes that some low quality headphones make is that they have confusion and bad distinction between quarters and dimes, whereas with the Garrett Master Sound Headphones, you can actually distinguish between the quarters and the dimes that even though they sound similar, there is still a slight difference. The same thing goes for others such as pennies and half-dollars and other objects of great value you can find underground.

Aside from its superior sound separation, the clarity and noise reduction is great and it’s a big break for those who are used to cheaper headphones that do not have noise reduction. You are sure to find treasure when it gives you the signal and it will most likely not mistake it for trash.

A lot of higher priced headphones such as Killer B, Gray Ghost and Sierra mostly cost $100 or more. So if you want to save more money, you might consider the $29 or so value of the Garett headphones. It works great for its price and it does what it was supposed to do: hunt for treasure. Also, just because they are cheap does not necessarily mean that they easily break down. They are built with high quality material.

One more plus point is the long cord that enables to you to keep your headphones on even while dropping the metal detector and start digging for your treasure. Good luck and happy hunting!