Garrett Retriever II!

If you are very much into prospecting then you will definitely like the Garrett Retriever II. It is a very handy metal detecting recovery tool that makes a great companion with your metal detector and other treasure hunting tools in your bag.

Garrett Retriever II Specifics.

Weighing at 2.8 pounds, it has a 3 inch digging blade and a top that can magnet anything iron-related. You can use it for rocky areas and near shallow water. It measures a total of 19 inches in length and has a reinforced head that is powder coated. It has a hand grip that gives you comfort in prospecting for hours. You can get into hard to reach spots because of its shape and design.

User Reviews of the Product.

The Garrett Retriever II is best praised for being a better substitute for shovels, especially when you are working your way towards rocky soil and similar rocky places where your metal detector might have pointed out that treasure exists underneath. Despite being lightweight as a digging tool, it is greatly effective and can slice through any hard soil and rock combination to retrieve your gold or whatever treasure you might find. Its magnet is also great for those who are beginners at prospecting and those who aren’t able to tell ferrous metals from rocks.

There are a few shortcomings, however. For instance, most people complain that the hand grips might slip in some occasions, so it is a good idea to keep it secure with any kind of wrapping mechanism or adhesive. Gluing can be okay but it might not stick that long.

Benefits of Using the Garrett Retriever II.

Garrett Retriever

If you are tired of using shovels for digging after you have detected a certain spot that has underlying gold or other precious metal in it, you might want to try a real pick. This pick is no ordinary tool because it has a magnetized top that sucks in most ferrous metals such as nails and others.

It is also ultra sharp compared to most picks and will be a great companion for digging through rocky places and other really tough grounds to dig on.

So if you are still using a traditional shovel to dig out anything that your metal detector has found, well then, you better switch to a better digging tool such as the Garrett Retriever II because it can easily get you digging for gold in no time.

Pros and Cons of the Garrett Retriever II.

These are the advantages of the Garrett Retriever II and why you should buy it:

  • The Garrett Retriever II has a very sharp edge that allows you to cut through a lot of rocky soil and it is a big upgrade from using a shovel to dig out your treasure.
  • It is equipped with a top that is magnetized to allow you to easily capture ferrous materials such as nails and other rare earth metals, which is good for beginners who are not able to tell the difference between normal rocks and metals that look like rocks.
  • It has a great powder coat finish in silver color that looks very sleek and it is very durable for many uses.
  • It is able to reach the tightest spots in your digging area.

There are, however, a few disadvantages to using the Garrett Retriever II:

  • The hand grip can easily slip when it is not used properly. It can be a bit troublesome for those who would want to use it on a regular treasure hunting basis.
  • Not every person might be able to handle the pick well.