Lesche Mini Sampson 18″ T-Handle Shovel

If you need a hand shovel for your treasure hunting, relic hunting, and metal detector digs don’t consider anything unless it’s built well and can endure tough digs.

The Lesche Mini Sampson 18″ T-Handle Shovel is a good tool for those times you’ll get on your hands and knees and dig and sort through the roots, brush, rocks, and mud. The ‘T’ handle portion of very handy indeed. It provides a good solid grip.

Look at the welds. It’s built to last.

Features Of The Lesche 18″ T-Handle Shovel.

As for the size of the hand digging tool, the length is at 18 inches overall so it is quite low profile and okay for use in public digging spots.

It is a better choice in comparison to other hand shovels out there. In fact, the tool is so sturdy that it seems impossible to break overall.

For those who want a neat shovel for portability then this is the shovel to have for their gold digging or for gardening needs.

It easily and effortlessly slices through dirt with great ease and its blade dimensions are at 7 1/2 inches long by 4 inches wide. It is a super strong hand shovel to consider and it has been made with great steel material of air craft quality.

Adding to its strength and durability, it is a well-made hand shovel with a t-handle design that makes it quite easy to use with any kind of operation that you need it for. Moreover, the shovel is a great complement to any bigger shovel.

You can dig for your finds with less effort with this neat shovel as it is perfectly balanced for digging into any situation that is required.

You can easily use it while metal detecting as a great complementary tool and you can really depend upon it while gold prospecting. Moreover, the blade style is serrated so it is very effective for digging into the earth with great ease. It is also very ideal for finding coins and other similar treasures and you can use it while metal detecting in parks.

The hand shovel also resists denting due to its durability and its t-handle design makes it a truly dependable hand shovel to consider for farmers and gardeners alike. With its smooth construction, it is a great garden shovel or a metal detecting shovel and you will be satisfied with the better digging capabilities of this shovel for all of your needs.

It also has a pre-sharpened edge for cutting and it made with a high quality rugged construction which can dig into the ground well. Made with heat treated blades, the hand shovel has been extremely well made and you will produce an undisturbed ground with this easy to use shovel. You can use it for different types of treasure hunting as it is very unobtrusive.

Great for gardens as well as metal detecting and treasure hunting, any requirement for tough digging can be supplied by this rust resistant hand shovel. You can participate in hunting parties in ghost towns and old cellar holes as this shovel is designed to last and will give you plenty of leverage as a digging tool.

Pros and Cons

With advanced manufacturing, it is also great at finding jewelry and it has a low profile design that is unobtrusive. It can be okay for all ground conditions and it has a neatly sharpened blade to an edge for relic hunting. It is a great shovel that has been warranted for 5 years. It, however, may not work with hard soil due to the very fact that of course, you need a longer handled shovel for hard soil, obviously.

Parting Thoughts On The Lesche 18″ T-Handle Shovel.

The Lesche Mini Sampson 18″ T-Handle Shovel may be small but it is a great and dependable hand shovel whether you are digging for gold and treasure or just working on your home or backyard garden peacefully – it is quite versatile all in all.

It’s particularly good for long hikes because a longer heavier version will take up that extra engergy you need to go on long hunts.