Lesche T Handle Shovel with Serrated Blade

t-handle-shovelA must have in your arsenal of digging and metal detecting tools, the Lesche T Handle Serrated Blade Shovel is a truly workhorse tool to help you in metal detecting.

Tough Quality.

It has an airplane quality tubing to make sure that your shovel can withstand the test of times and harshest of soil and weather conditions.

Added to its tough quality is the serrated digging blade that makes digging soil faster than usual instead of a smooth edge blade.

Keep in mind that when you compare a serrated blade knife and a plain edge knife, the serrated one cuts items faster.This is the same concept that the serrated blade shovel has.

The overall size or length of the metal detecting shovel is 31 inches.

The shovel is also heat treated at industrial standards so it can really be of use for a long time and is less prone to bending and deforming. Warranty of this shovel is up to 5 years (manufacturer’s warranty).

Cutting and Digging Quality.

The item works just as expected and much more due to its clean cuts of flaps and plugs. The serrated blade is useful for cutting down thick roots and similar underground debris. It doesn’t really matter what kind of soil you are working on – it is built for the toughest surfaces just to get your treasure out.

One thing very interesting about this shovel is that, even though it has a serrated blade, it cuts through a plug cleanly and neatly without worrying about a messy soil nearby. Usually, blades with serrated edges leave unorganized cuts but this one is completely different, and it allows you to finish the job faster.

Easy to Use.

The one thing that most people like about this metal detecting shovel is that it is quite lightweight and easy to handle – the weight (1.75 pounds) and the size (31 inches) are proportional. Combined with your metal detector, this shovel is the perfect partner tool because it easily pierces through the ground with minimal effort.

lesche-t-handleIn fact, you can easily dig up 5-inch deep plugs with only about 5 times with less going around – a convenient time and effort saver which allows you to dig more plugs in one go.


At a remarkably cheap price, you would probably purchase a spare for the Lesche T- Handle Heavy Duty Metal Detecting Shovel. The $70 to $80 range is already a great deal for such a heavy-duty tool.

Plug Replacement.

Many people don’t really like you messing around with Mother Earth hunting for treasures so it’s a must that you cover / replace the plugs in a precise way just like nothing happened. This heavy-duty shovel does just that – whatever you have dug up can be brought back easily.

Health Benefits.

For those hobbyists or even serious treasure hunters who want to dig but don’t want to sacrifice their back, wrist and joint pains, this easy to use shovel can get you to finish the job in no time. Shoveling is tough work but this tool is unlike any other because it’s designed to dig up / replace plugs as quickly as possible and with precision with less effort.


If you are sick of using weak traditional shovels and the like for your metal detection or treasure hunting then it’s time to move to the Lesche T- Handle Heavy Duty Metal Detecting Shovel with Serrated Blade.

It is definitely worth every penny and with the affordable price, you will be so happy with its heavy-duty features and tough exterior to last for more hunting adventures. Remember that if you really want to take metal detecting seriously then you shouldn’t sacrifice normal shovels – save more time with a real and legitimate metal detecting shovel!

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