Mega Scan Pro!

Metal detectorists are always on the lookout for more gear. Just because we already have one or more detectors doesn’t mean we ever stop looking for upgrades or detectors that offer different features than the ones we already have.

The Mega Scan Pro 2018 might be different and high-powered enough for you to consider adding to your bag of metal detecting tricks.

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because the Mega Scan Pro 2018 by Orient Technology Group is an upgrade of an earlier machine, which as you probably guessed by now, was called the Mega Scan Pro.

This upgrade includes the good things about the machine that users loved, but also has new features and improvements to some existing features.

This machine will help you find the treasure you’re looking for – if you’re hunting in the right spot.

What Can the Mega Scan Pro 2018 Do?

It can detect all the precious metals you’ll be after, including gold, and it can find cavities and caves too, which could help you locate important underground hiding spots.

It comes with 10 preset programs that look for gold ore, bronze, silver, caves, copper, gold treasures, diamonds, gemstones, platinum, and iron.

It has a graphical user interface that comes in seven languages – English, Arabic, Turkish, French, Spanish, Russian, and German.

It can detect treasures or cavities up to 131 feet down, which means you’ll need some heavy duty digging equipment if you reach the maximum depth of what this unit can find.

How Is It Different from the Prior Model?

The new model is better than the old one in several ways.

It gets more depth: The old Mega Scan Pro only had a depth of 30 meters, but Orient Technology Group improved the new model considerably to reach a depth of 40 meters.

It targets the depth better: Few things are more frustrating for detectorists than when their detector’s depth gauge is off kilter. It can be difficult to find your target if it’s small and your detector inaccurately tells you how far to dig. For that reason, the improved depth measurement on this device is a welcome addition.

What Are Some of Its Other Features?

The Mega Scan Pro 2018 has a bunch of sophisticated features, including:

Gold filters that only search for gold, while ignoring the metal signals or other minerals in rocks.
A clear LCD screen with great resolution so you can accurately see your results.
The metal detector is lightweight enough that it will be easy to carry around, even on long hunts.
You can also buy a car charger to help you recharge your machine when you’re on the go.
The lithium battery for the detector has a life of about 18 hours – longer than you could hunt in one day.
It also comes with headphones so you can drown out the surrounding noise while you’re searching and focus only on the signals your machine is generating.
The machine also comes with a DVD that provides detailed instructions on how to operate it.
It comes with a charger you can use at home for the batteries.

If you are wanting to go far deeper than an ordinary metal detector will take you, the Mega Scan Pro 2018 will take you to the next level. You’ll be able to find caves, as well as gold deposits deep in the ground.

Your biggest problem may not be finding great things to dig but figuring out how you’re going to dig that deep. At least you should be able to find enough signals to keep you busy for years to come.