How To Find The Perfect Metal Detector for You!

retiree metal detectingIf you are new to metal detecting, you’ll quickly find that choosing your detector can be overwhelming. There are so many choices and such a wide assortment of price tags. The list of features seems never ending and you aren’t sure at this point what some of that terminology means anyway.

You are starting to wonder if metal detecting is right for you after all – you simply wanted a fun hobby, you didn’t want anything complicated.

But before you give up your dream of strolling the beach with a metal detector in your hand as you search for long-lost treasure, you can ask yourself a few simple questions to narrow your hunt for the perfect metal detector.

How Much Are You Willing to Spend On A Metal Detector?

This is the question you should start with. After all, if you were house shopping, you wouldn’t go tour a million-dollar home if your budget was a hundred thousand dollars. So you shouldn’t look at metal detectors that are out of your price range either. Continue reading

Top 5 Beginner Metal Detectors!

When you’re learning to drive, your first car shouldn’t be a Lamborghini. You won’t be ready for the power and the luxury while you’re still learning to master the basics. Likewise, when you are a beginning detectorist, you don’t want to plunk down $2,000 on a high-end machine you won’t understand. Your best bet is to start with one of the lower-end beginner metal detectors  that won’t drain your bank account but will last for a long time.

As you become more familiar with metal detecting, you’ll get a better idea of what features are important to you. That way when you’re ready to purchase a serious detector, you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for. Continue reading