Metal Detecting for Civil War Artifacts!

The Civil War continues to be a topic of interest more than 150 years after it began. For many detectorists, the idea of finding something from this long-ago era is thrilling.

But before you head outside hoping you’ll stumble onto a Civil War site, there are a few ways you can stack the deck in your favor.

Do Your Research

To find out where the best potential Civil War sites are, you need to put in some legwork. You need to figure out where the battles were and then determine if you’re allowed to hunt there. Continue reading

Should You Sell Your Metal Detecting Finds?

For year, metal detectorists have been fighting the image many have of us as mercenaries out to dig up any profit we can, even if it means ransacking historical sites and destroying potentially relevant items in the process.

But I’ve met a lot of detectorists over the years and I’ve only met very few who were like that.That type of detectorist is easy to spot and I quickly walk away from them when I do run into them. I, and many other detectorists, don’t understand this type at all. The ones who place all the emphasis on earning money and less on the joy of discovery.

One of my favorite parts about metal detecting is knowing that I just helped uncover some little bit of history that had been lost.

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Finding a Place to Metal Detect!

You are ready to unearth the greatest treasure of your life. You have your metal detector, your shovels and the whole day just for hunting. What you don’t have is a good place to do it, and without a place to dig, you won’t be able to uncover anything.

Finding a great place to dig is a problem every detectorist has to face. The lucky ones have a mentor who doesn’t mind showing them the ropes. The rest of us have to figure it out for ourselves. Here are a few ways to find new places to hunt, as well as the types of locations you’ll want to seek out.

Public Parks

Parks are a great place to hunt for metal because they attract a lot of people, and the more people who have walked that ground, the better your chances for finding something. Continue reading

All the Great Metal Detecting Caches Haven’t Been Found!

It seems like our world gets smaller every day. Centuries ago, our world was filled with mysteries and exotic places most people had never seen and had only read about in books.

With each passing decade, our world has become more familiar to us. We can see images from anywhere in the world simply by logging onto our computers.

The air of mystery surrounding this planet has begun to vanish. We know so much more about the earth than we ever did before.

It can sometimes seem like all the great discoveries have already been made.

But in metal detecting, we’ve barely scratched the surface regarding the amazing treasures and historical artifacts that have been buried and hidden by the earth. Continue reading

Tips for Finding Coins with Your Metal Detector!

No matter what metal it’s made out of, there’s nothing more exciting than finding a coin when you’re metal detecting. Once you see that telltale circular shape, your heart starts beating fast until you can get your hands on your find and determine what kind of coin it is and when it was made.

It’s easy to get excited about coins because they can be worth a lot of money if they’re rare and they’ve managed to stay in good condition. The other exciting thing about coins is that they have the year on them, which means you don’t have to guess what time period your find comes from.

The good news is that you don’t have to have a high-end metal detector in order to find coins – even entry-level detectors will locate them. If you’ve got coin fever, you can increase your odds of finding coins by following a few simple tips.

Go to Areas Where People Congregated

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Outhouse Digs – A Treasure Trove in an Unlikely Spot!

Outhouse digs don’t sound glamorous, and trust me, they’re not. But if you can get over the idea you’re digging in a spot where people used to do their business, you stand to find some great items.

Former outhouse sites can be found on the property of almost any old home or former school building. You’ll find them a little way from the house or structure, but not too far away – the occupants didn’t want the smell too close to the house, but they didn’t want to have to hike far to use the outhouse either. Continue reading

Bounty Hunter Timeranger!

True to its name, the Bounty Hunter Timeranger is fit for those who are on a journey to find treasure in a short amount of time, and for under $200.

If you are at a loss for certain jewelry or would just like to go on a treasure hunt then this metal detector is a good buy to consider regardless of age.

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Fisher F4 Metal Detector

Can you separate trash from treasure with the Fisher F4 Metal Detector? Well, the machine is great for beachcombers and relic hunters alike – or just about anyone who wants to dig underground for some sweet loot.

F4 Features.

The design is more of a flat control with an LCD screen that is very user-friendly. Sensitivity and Discrimination controls are on the left and right. Its controls on the bottom include the pinpoint, notch and others that let you set the adjustments in a breeze.

Its lightweight feel is also a big plus. Not to mention, the coil swing can be done quickly without worrying about the accuracy of metal detection so you can save more time that should be spent on digging. Continue reading

Garrett Ace 350!

The Garrett Ace 350 metal detector is a high performance treasure hunting companion that will surely help you in your search for rare metals. It is an upgrade from a previous model (the 250) and has better depth detection and coil sweeping.

The increase of the frequency from 6.5 kHz (from the 250) to 8.25 kHz with this new 350 model allows you to also detect smaller objects like nickels and tabs.

The iron discrimination features have also been improved and there is improvement with withstanding salt water. Its lightweight design and feel allows any treasure hunter to easily carry it anywhere they wish at the greatest comfort.

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Tesoro Silver uMax

Still part of the Tesoro line of great metal detectors, the Tesoro Silver uMax is one of those models that will cater to your needs in hunting for gold and similar treasures with a fair price bracket. Its quality is one of the highest ones out there since it is made in the U.S.

Features of the Tesoro Silver uMax.

It has a number of great features, such as the use of microprocessor technology and the silent search mode for both all metal and discriminate mode. Aside from its microprocessor technology, it has a MicroMax design, as said in the name, and has a 10 kHz VLF frequency with low noise circuitry. Having an 8 inch search concentric coil, it runs on a 9 V battery and has a built in mineral rejection. There is also a battery test mode. The coil is also interchangeable for those who want to customize it. Continue reading