Whites Coinmaster!

Being a multipurpose metal detector, the Whites Coinmaster is something that you will find very useful for a lot of things – from rings to jewelry to coins and many others. But as the name says, it is most likely the best thing to use when hunting for coins.

Coinmaster Features.

When it comes to the maximum depth of detecting metals, the Whites Coinmaster can go for as much as 8 inches, which is the average if compared to a lot of similar devices. It is also quite the lightweight metal detector at only 2.5 pounds, compared to other brands.

Its weight is not too heavy but not too light. However, it only has 8 target ID segments so it might not be that precise compared to similar metal detectors. It has a 3 tone distinction that allows you to detect and distinguish different kinds of metals.

whites coinmaster

Pros and Cons Of Whites Coinmaster!

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Going Coastal with Your Metal Detector

All valuable or historically significant metal detecting finds are great, but there’s something special about the prospect of finding coins from a shipwreck or locating old pirate booty. That’s the Holy Grail of metal detecting for many detectorists.

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Bounty Hunter Timeranger!

True to its name, the Bounty Hunter Timeranger is fit for those who are on a journey to find treasure in a short amount of time, and for under $200.

If you are at a loss for certain jewelry or would just like to go on a treasure hunt then this metal detector is a good buy to consider regardless of age.

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Teknetics Delta 4000!

Superior metal detecting and treasure hunting capabilities is what makes the Teknetics Delta 4000 one of the best hunting partners out there. It sits along the line of Teknetics’ Greek-lettered series of metal detectors and great for both professionals and hobbyists.

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Garrett Ace 350!

The Garrett Ace 350 metal detector is a high performance treasure hunting companion that will surely help you in your search for rare metals. It is an upgrade from a previous model (the 250) and has better depth detection and coil sweeping.

The increase of the frequency from 6.5 kHz (from the 250) to 8.25 kHz with this new 350 model allows you to also detect smaller objects like nickels and tabs.

The iron discrimination features have also been improved and there is improvement with withstanding salt water. Its lightweight design and feel allows any treasure hunter to easily carry it anywhere they wish at the greatest comfort.

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Tesoro Silver uMax

Still part of the Tesoro line of great metal detectors, the Tesoro Silver uMax is one of those models that will cater to your needs in hunting for gold and similar treasures with a fair price bracket. Its quality is one of the highest ones out there since it is made in the U.S.

Features of the Tesoro Silver uMax.

It has a number of great features, such as the use of microprocessor technology and the silent search mode for both all metal and discriminate mode. Aside from its microprocessor technology, it has a MicroMax design, as said in the name, and has a 10 kHz VLF frequency with low noise circuitry. Having an 8 inch search concentric coil, it runs on a 9 V battery and has a built in mineral rejection. There is also a battery test mode. The coil is also interchangeable for those who want to customize it. Continue reading

XP Deus!

I owned an XP Deus metal detector and absolutely loved it. It was cutting edge in terms of technology and design, and it performed better than any other detector I’ve tried. But is it worth the $1500 price tag?

If you are ready to step into the future of treasure hunting then the XP Deus is a metal detector that claims to be the world’s first wireless detector with a great S-shaped stem design that is telescopic.

Features Of The XP Deus Detector!

Unlike most metal detectors where you have to buy separate headphones, this one already has a set of audio headphones that are custom built for the XP Deus with a remote control and a high quality search coil. It does not require wire link because it is remotely controlled, eliminating the hassle of dangling wires. Continue reading

Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector

Perfect for those starting out treasure hunting as a hobby, the Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector is an above average detector that was built with many helpful features, such as the electronic pinpoint that comes with the coin depth gauge that allows you to make object searching and retrieval faster and more accurate.

For the money you can’t go wrong. You really get your money’s worth and one of the great companies in the industry supporting their product.

Physical Features Of The Ace 250 Metal Detector.

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