Digging These 5 Metal Detecting Shovels!

You need a metal detector to give you a good target, but once you’ve found that signal, you’ll need more than your detector to retrieve it. You’ll need sturdy hand trowels, digging knives and shovels at your disposal.

You don’t want to try to get by with the rigid plastic hand trowels you see advertised for a dollar each. On the surface, this might sound like a great deal. You could buy a handful of these and keep them in your vehicle or in your metal detecting bag and you’ll always have one handy when you need one.

You should scratch that plan. I’m living proof those hand trowels won’t work for metal detecting. I used those for more time than I care to admit when I first started detecting. I could only dig three or four inches into softer soil with them. Continue reading

Lesche Mini Sampson 18″ T-Handle Shovel

If you need a hand shovel for your treasure hunting, relic hunting, and metal detector digs don’t consider anything unless it’s built well and can endure tough digs.

The Lesche Mini Sampson 18″ T-Handle Shovel is a good tool for those times you’ll get on your hands and knees and dig and sort through the roots, brush, rocks, and mud. The ‘T’ handle portion of very handy indeed. It provides a good solid grip.

Look at the welds. It’s built to last.

Features Of The Lesche 18″ T-Handle Shovel.

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Lesche T Handle Shovel with Serrated Blade

t-handle-shovelA must have in your arsenal of digging and metal detecting tools, the Lesche T Handle Serrated Blade Shovel is a truly workhorse tool to help you in metal detecting.

Tough Quality.

It has an airplane quality tubing to make sure that your shovel can withstand the test of times and harshest of soil and weather conditions.

Added to its tough quality is the serrated digging blade that makes digging soil faster than usual instead of a smooth edge blade.

Keep in mind that when you compare a serrated blade knife and a plain edge knife, the serrated one cuts items faster.This is the same concept that the serrated blade shovel has.

The overall size or length of the metal detecting shovel is 31 inches.

The shovel is also heat treated at industrial standards so it can really be of use for a long time and is less prone to bending and deforming. Warranty of this shovel is up to 5 years (manufacturer’s warranty).

Cutting and Digging Quality.

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