Metal Detecting Sandals

With the technology of today’s time advancing and people moving towards automated machines, the metal detecting sandals being invented and marketed is no surprise.

Basically metal detecting sandals are specialized sandals that alert you if they find something underneath all that sand and / or soil while you walk along the beach or almost anywhere.

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Best Sand Scoops for Metal Detecting

Metal detecting at the beach can be troublesome because of having to dig all that sand, which doesn’t really work like thick soil. In this case, you will need a sand scoop to help you sort through the sand quickly and get to that coin, relic, treasure, or pull tab (a curse) you have found using a metal detector or a pinpointer.

Here are quick reviews of some of the best sand scoops for metal detecting.

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DetectorPro Gray Ghost Headphones

Headphones are a very essential thing when it comes to metal detection. Having very sensitive yet great filtering headphones in treasure hunting is just like in music production – you have to get down to the teeny bits of frequency to hear the sounds you want with less interference from the background.

The reason why the DetectorPro Gray Ghost Headphones is so named because it is able to detect the “ghost” signals underground that you might have missed with regular headphones, making it a totally compatible gear for metal detection and treasure hunting.

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Bounty Hunter Custom Carry Bag Review

bounty-hunter-custom-bagWhen youíre engaged in the hobby of metal detecting, you might choose to cover many different areas in order to find the most treasure in the shortest amount of time. When youíre moving from site to site, you want to make sure that you have all of the gear you need with you in one handy container.

The last thing you want is to have your detector get damaged when youíre traveling around scouting treasure sites. In order for you to keep your valuable metal detector safe during travel, Bounty Hunter has made this metal detector custom carry bag that guarantees your metal detector will remain protected no matter how wet or dirty the area is. Continue reading