Exploring the Intey Level Metal Detector!

The Intey metal detector is a good option for beginning detectorists who don’t want to shell out a lot of money to get an introduction to the world of metal detecting. For a small investment, Intey gives you a decent entry-level machine that will acquaint you with the basics of metal detecting.

What It Offers

The Intey detector offers two modes for you to use – all metal and discrimination mode. As the name implies, the all metal mode will find every type of metal that passes underneath your metal detector.

It will alert you with a beep every time, whether that metal is gold, silver, an aluminum can, or a worthless nail.

If you turn on the discrimination mode, however, it can help you weed out less desirable signals that you might not want, like iron. Continue reading

Tips For New Detectorists!

New detectorists; here’s how to avoid junk in the trunk. You’ve done the research, ordered your metal detector, and now you’re ready to begin your quest to find treasure beyond your wildest dreams.

But before you head out, hit the pause button for a second, newbie. Don’t go out into the field with unrealistic expectations. Instead, learn from my first hunt mishaps.

I was over-the-top excited because I had wanted a metal detector for years before I finally bit the bullet and purchased one. So excited to be finally realizing my dream. Continue reading