Going Coastal with Your Metal Detector

All valuable or historically significant metal detecting finds are great, but there’s something special about the prospect of finding coins from a shipwreck or locating old pirate booty. That’s the Holy Grail of metal detecting for many detectorists.

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Outhouse Digs – A Treasure Trove in an Unlikely Spot!

Outhouse digs don’t sound glamorous, and trust me, they’re not. But if you can get over the idea you’re digging in a spot where people used to do their business, you stand to find some great items.

Former outhouse sites can be found on the property of almost any old home or former school building. You’ll find them a little way from the house or structure, but not too far away – the occupants didn’t want the smell too close to the house, but they didn’t want to have to hike far to use the outhouse either. Continue reading

Teknetics Delta 4000!

Superior metal detecting and treasure hunting capabilities is what makes the Teknetics Delta 4000 one of the best hunting partners out there. It sits along the line of Teknetics’ Greek-lettered series of metal detectors and great for both professionals and hobbyists.

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Garrett Ace 350!

The Garrett Ace 350 metal detector is a high performance treasure hunting companion that will surely help you in your search for rare metals. It is an upgrade from a previous model (the 250) and has better depth detection and coil sweeping.

The increase of the frequency from 6.5 kHz (from the 250) to 8.25 kHz with this new 350 model allows you to also detect smaller objects like nickels and tabs.

The iron discrimination features have also been improved and there is improvement with withstanding salt water. Its lightweight design and feel allows any treasure hunter to easily carry it anywhere they wish at the greatest comfort.

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Tesoro Compadre

tesoro-compadreHaving a moderate price for those who want to get into metal detecting, the Tesoro Compadre works well for beginners and intermediate level detectorists treasure hunting and relic hunting with the simplest controls.

It uses the ED-180 discrimination method for an easy but vast searching. You get less knobs but with more functionality, hence their premise of “less is more”.

Features Tesoro Compadre.

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