Tech Fans Should Love the AT Max!

Want to see a bunch of detectorists lose their minds from overwhelming excitement? All you have to do is sit back and watch when a company releases a new metal detector. This summer’s biggest release generating buzz in the metal detecting world is the Garrett AT Max.

Image Courtesy Garret Metal Detectors.

Garrett is known as one of the heavy hitters in the metal detecting field so when they unveil a new machine, people take notice.

If you’re a fan of detectors that incorporate the latest and greatest technology, you may want to check out the AT Max.

What Features Does The AT Max Have?

The AT Max has built-in Z-Lynk wireless technology that drastically cuts back on the delay many detectors have when you use them. When you’re waving your ordinary detector around, you’ll hear a beep after you’ve passed over the target. Then you take your detector and try to zero in on the target.

With the AT Max however, you’ll hear the beeps from your target when you’re still right over top of it. That will cut down on search time and the situations some detectorists have where they have to expand their plug if they are off an inch or two away from where their target really is.

That’s exciting news for detectorists – we love anything that helps us hunt more precisely and saves us time.

The AT Max also comes with Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk wireless headphones. Wireless headphones are much more convenient to wear when you’re metal detecting. With traditional headphones, that cord always seems to get in my way. Then I have to remove the headphones every time I put my machine down so I can dig a hole. It’s no wonder I hate wearing headphones when I hunt – they’re a nuisance.

These headphones, however, just might change my mind about that, which is good because headphones really are useful when you’re metal detecting if you can stand to wear them.

With the increased technology and the wireless headphones, the AT Max is already a winner in my eyes, but it does offer other features as well.

It gets good depth, which is nice because it will reopen your old hunting grounds to you. You may be able to sweep back over them and find additional targets because of the increased depth.

Image Courtesy Garret Metal Detectors.

The machine has a great display screen that features huge numbers for its numeric target identification. I love going by that number to help me figure out if I want to dig a target or not, so I appreciate that the numbers are so prominently displayed.

It has automatic and manual ground balance. That’s great because it will help you when you’re digging in tricky soil conditions. It will help you avoid all those false positive signals that detectorists are constantly annoyed by when they’re metal detecting in mineralized areas such as on the beach or in saltwater.

It has a high-enough operating frequency at 13.6 kHz that it will do a good job of picking up gold targets.

The AT Max has a backlight, which I like to have on all the metal detectors I use because if I find a good hunt I don’t like to abandon it just because I’m losing light at the end of the day.

You’ll find fewer bottle caps and nails with this detector because of the iron audio feature it has and the high-resolution iron discrimination it offers.
This detector can be used anywhere – it can be used in your backyard, beaches and even in the water since it’s fine to take up to 10 feet underwater. This machine offers great versatility.