Treasure Products VibraQuatic Pinpointer!

Want to go treasure hunting under the sea but don’t want the extra luggage? The Vibra-Quatic Pinpointer by Treasure Products (#2) is a recommended tool because of its waterproof design, vibration mode, light flashing and pulse induction that allows for any surface possible. It’s also well constructed.

Waterproof Design.

At a maximum depth of 100 feet, the VibraQuatic pinpointer lives up to its name of being able to withstand dives underwater for pinpointing. You don’t have to worry whether you take it to freshwater or saltwater – it does its job very well due to its unique sealed design. You can use it for oceans, sandy beaches, rivers, lakes, streams or even a swimming pool in trying to find lost jewelry.

Pulse Induction Feature.

Pulse Induction Feature

You can use this tool onto any surface – from normal soil, to sand and even black sand underwater. It also allows the pinpointer to withstand saltwater.

Easy Switching Controls.

You know that feeling when you accidentally hit the on and off switch? This is especially the case if you work underwater because of the pressure of the waves. Now you don’t have to worry about that because of the VibraQuatic 2’s tilt system to turn the machine off and on.

Detection Depth Of The VibraQuatic Pinpointer.

The detection distance of the is maintained throughout usage. It has great sensitivity for large objects and its 2” detection tips works great for finding hidden gems underwater or on any surface. The depth range of this pinpointer is from 0 – 50 mm (2 to 3 inches).

It may not have a wide range without a metal detector but it should work just fine if you’re trying to detect small details, especially underwater because it is a submersible pinpointer. You can even get it to work on murky and muddy pond water and still be able to find its target.

Vibration and Light Notification.

So how does the Vibra-Quatic (2) notify you when it found something interesting on where you point it? A vibration and blue light flashing comes your way to alert of you of a possible hidden treasure. This is quite convenient for those who like to work on a quieter hunting, and also because it can be used underwater – light and vibration are more advisable than sound notifications.

Best Feature.

Best Feature

The best use for the Vibra-Quatic 2 is to find itsy-bitsy jewelries such as earrings, necklaces and rings underwater, most probably left behind by swimmers on a beach. Being an amphibian tool, it can be used not just underwater but also on dry land, so you will find it very useful in treasure hunting.

Pros and Cons.

The advantage of the VibraQuatic 2 is that it can be carried underwater or on any surface and will work just fine with the light and vibration notification. It is also at a reasonable price and its easy switching on and off controls gives you less frustration with accidental switching.

The only letdown for this is that because it is small and not too expensive, as it is only a pinpointer, it cannot detect too deep and will only go for 2 to 3 inches. If you are a serious metal detector then you might need something bigger and pricier to take underwater.

Bottom Line.

Overall, with a fair price range, the Treasure Products VibraQuatic Pinpointer is a great tool to use whether you’re searching for loot on land or underwater. It has an easy to carry design and very lightweight to use on any condition so you don’t have to be stressed about extra weight. If you don’t have an expensive underwater metal detector then going for this small pinpointer is a good alternative.