Whites Coinmaster!

Being a multipurpose metal detector, the Whites Coinmaster is something that you will find very useful for a lot of things – from rings to jewelry to coins and many others. But as the name says, it is most likely the best thing to use when hunting for coins.

Coinmaster Features.

When it comes to the maximum depth of detecting metals, the Whites Coinmaster can go for as much as 8 inches, which is the average if compared to a lot of similar devices. It is also quite the lightweight metal detector at only 2.5 pounds, compared to other brands.

Its weight is not too heavy but not too light. However, it only has 8 target ID segments so it might not be that precise compared to similar metal detectors. It has a 3 tone distinction that allows you to detect and distinguish different kinds of metals.

whites coinmaster

Pros and Cons Of Whites Coinmaster!

The Coinmaster has a lot of great features all packed in one lightweight metal detector that allows you to easily manipulate it and take it to any place possible.

The three tone audio makes your life as a treasure hunter easier and because of its great sensitivity and 8 segment target ID, you can easily filter out the types of metal you want to find and remove all the excess noise especially if you are out in the beach with mineralized sand.

The only bad thing about this metal detector is that the recovery time is quite annoying, especially if you are looking forward to faster recovery time. For instance, if it detects a certain piece of trash, you’ll have to wait for a few seconds to reset. This can be very time-consuming especially for places filled with a lot of junk.

User Reviews.

Most people agree that the Coinmaster takes a very easy setup for both beginners and professionals alike. They love the features of the machine and how it is moderately affordable for those who are going to buy it. The durability and ease of use are its two key point advantages.

The battery will last longer than you think it should and great for both hobbyists and those who are into serious treasure hunting. Even if it says that its maximum depth is 8 inches, some can even reach as much as 12 inches in finding quarters and other coins. It might give a few false readings but generally, it depends on where you hunt for and your sensitivity settings.

In some cases, however, the discriminating mode can still have false readings and even if you exclude junk, there are still chances of accidentally picking them up.

However, if you are looking forward to a machine that is okay for the price and still be able to discriminate and sort out metal, this is one you can’t miss out on. It might feel a little far from perfect, but at the very least it will tell rings apart from other items.

Should You Buy the Whites Coinmaster Metal Detector?

If you are not too meticulous with the recovery time that is very slow, the Coinmaster will definitely be your money’s worth if you are looking for a great coin detector. It detects not just coins but also other things like relics or other types of metals.

Just make sure you are hunting on a decent spot and adjust the sensitivity as needed so that you don’t get a lot of false readings. Sometimes, metal detectors work best with proper handling and experience when it comes to passing over areas and such, and it takes some trial and error before you finally get the gold (or whatever metal you dig).